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Create a Legacy that will last forever Preserve your memories, life lessons, advice, and opinions in a digital archive called Legacy that all your Loved Ones will cherish from today and forever

1. A Namesake adds content to their Legacy
Through videos and voice notes fill your Legacy with stories, advice, jokes, life lessons, and more. 

 We will help you with questions and topic suggestions.

2. Loved ones use an Almaya private key to access the Legacy
Share your ALMAYA's private key with your Loved Ones so they can enjoy your content. Publish recordings now or in the future with anybody you want. Create future messages for future occasions.

3. Loved ones use an Almaya private key to access the Legacy
They will be able to watch and interact with your memories whenever they want and help you to save inspiring content.

ALMAYA is secure, private and ad-free
As we know that sensitive recordings are saved in Almaya, all the content created is 100% private so no unauthorized person can access your Legacy. We use leading-industry technology (AWS) to save all your content. The whole experience is ad-free, we prefer you to spend the time with us in the most caring way possible.