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The problem
Stores that are partnered with us at Too Good To Go have to advise how much food they have in surplus, so we know what we can offer on the app. Currently, there are two ways for the stores to do this:

1) Manually by going into our partner app every day and putting Magic Bags for sale.

2) Automatically use our weekly schedule feature. This is where the stores would advise the specific number of Magic Bags they will offer which in turn would be offered for sale on the app every week.

The question
How do we ensure we always save the maximum amount of surplus food from our partners, whilst exploring solutions that will support their concerns of not being in ‘control’?


Context and considerations:

● Occasionally our partners feel insecure about using the schedule feature because they feel out of control and in some cases, feel that they can’t predict if they have enough food leftover.
● The automatic supply schedule feature has some major advantages - being, because we will know what is coming we can offer it for sale in the app 24 hours before it needs to be collected, this increases the likelihood of the food actually being saved.
● Another advantage is that the partners does not have to do anything if they agree with the automatic schedule, they just have to put the food aside at the end of the day - no manual data entry.
● The drawback is if the scheduled supply is not correct, for example, if it is too low we will not save all the meals - if it is too high, people will leave the store empty-handed.
● Note: Partners can at any times adjust the meals offered on the platform, both current and future supply directly in the platform.
My proposal

Understand the average value of daily leftovers.
For example: average: Every day you will taste xxx products (representing €50), to create 3 surprise boxes Too Good To Go is financed through a commission percentage charged to establishments for each pack sold,
Is there a connection between the stock of R and the stock of R in the app?
The dashboard shows the available packs.


..." Businesses need a tool that shows all their stock to understand what their weekly waste will be and thus be able
to use The automatic supply schedule more safely and efficiently"...

My proposal:
I imagine it would make a lot of sense to connect a Stock shop + Stock TGTG

On the Shop side >

show in real time but taking the Shop stock related to the app

User side >

Flag countdown (it probably exists but I can't see it in the app) We can show users in real time, how many Boxes are left and general "Fomo" in sales.
For example: So if at the beginning of my day I have planned xxx sales, as they are consumed, let the app show in real time how the number decreases. In advance I can already organize that with xx products I am going to put together a minimum of 3 surprise boxes per day for sure. Then if there is a greater surplus of products I can rearm more boxes, but my minimum value will be 3 boxes.


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